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Streamlined renewal process

In January of 2010 Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) introduced the Streamlined Renewal Process (SRP). The purpose of this change was to make it more convenient for customers to renew their Autopac policies, drivers licences and identification cards.

During the transition period customers have been given a multi-year term of one to five years in order to evenly spread out the renewals. Once the program is fully implemented customers will only need to renew their insurance once every five years.

The agency that a customer visits for these renewals will be the agency that receives commissions on these items until they are up for renewal again in five years, regardless of where future payments or changes are made. Customers are able to request that MPI change their designated broker provided they have at least three eligible Autopac policies. Customers who have fewer than three policies are not able to change which broker is compensated for their business.

In the renewal year a customer will need to have a new photo taken for the drivers licence and new registrations and stickers for the vehicles. In the other years all that required is a payment. This payment can be made at any Autopac agency or via online and telephone banking or over the phone to an agent, though some agencies may not accept payment over the phone.

Most MPI products, including the Drivers Licence are eligible for pre-authorized financing for a fee of $4 plus interest for each item being financed. Items that are financed by preauthorized payments will not require customers to renew the payment schedule every year. These payments will continue from the same account or credit card as they had in the previous year with the amounts adjusted to reflect changed in rates or premiums.

Certain classes of vehicles, such as a Commercial Truck with a GVW over 4,500kg or Public Service Vehicles have additional legal requirements and are not eligible for multi year renewals. These vehicles will require new registrations and stickers every year.

If you have any questions about this new renewal process, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Insuring a Vehicle in Manitoba

Buying a new or used car? Having the proper documentation when you come to get it registered will ensure quick and hassle free transaction.

Used vehicle purchases through a dealer must include a Bill of Sale and Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD) which must be signed by both purchaser(s) and seller(s) and have the correct odometer reading. Dealers must also give buyers a new Certificate of Inspection (COI).

If the vehicle is brand new, the dealership must provide a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) as well as the Bill of Sale. In most cases new vehicles do not require a COI or a TOD.

Private vehicle purchases also need to include a Bill of Sale, Transfer of Ownership (TOD) signed by both the seller(s) and purchaser(s) along with the current odometer reading. A valid vehicle safety is required before the vehicle can be registered in Manitoba. You may need to have a safety done if the safety is not current or valid on the vehicle that you purchased. Check the bottom right corner of the registration card to see if a new safety is required.

Remember that it is very important to have all the documents signed by everyone who is involved with the purchase and sale of the vehicle. A Bill of Sale should include the date of the sale, the full vehicle description including year, make, model, serial number, the purchase price, as well as the names, signatures and addresses of the purchaser(s) and seller(s). If you require, we have a blank Bills of Sale available. If the vehicle is owned by two people, then BOTH signatures must be on all documents. Also, when you purchase a vehicle privately, only the PST will have to be paid when you register the vehicle.

Please feel free to stop in or contact us at 944-0249 with any questions you may have and one of our insurance brokers would be happy to assist you!

Insuring your Snowmobile This Winter.

About 25,000 snowmobiles are registered annually in Manitoba, but only two-thirds have coverage beyond the basic insurance for off-road vehicles (ORVs). As a snowmobile owner, you might not realize the limits of your basic coverage -- until you submit a claim. Basic snowmobile insurance doesn't provide the same injury protection as basic auto insurance. You should understand what protection is offered through the basic insurance then decide whether or not to purchase extended coverage.

The provincial Off-Road Vehicles Act sets out the basic ORV coverage Manitoba Public Insurance offers. ORV basic insurance offers third party liability protection to $200,000 -- but unless you buy additional coverage, you are responsible for paying any costs above $200,000 if you cause injury to another person or damage someone else's property with your machine. These costs may include property replacement, lost income, medical and rehabilitation costs and more. If you are injured with no one to sue, you will be responsible to pay for these costs yourself.

MPI offers optional coverages beyond basic ORV insurance. Accident Benefits coverage offers financial protection for an owner's injuries, while Family Protection gives an owner's entire family financial protection if a family member is injured by an at-fault driver carrying too little or no insurance.

Another thing to consider when registering an ORV is whether to buy coverage for damage or theft. While the basic coverage does not provide coverage for these, both collision damage coverage and comprehensive coverage can be purchased with a $200 or $500 deductible. As well, third party liability can be extended from the basic level of $200,000 required by law up to $5,000,000.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Taken from: Manitoba Public Insurance "Road Safety" (12/12/2007)

Going Away This Winter?

We at Expert Insurance Services, are pleased to offer Blue Cross travel insurance as well as Travel Underwriters travel insurance to all who are travelling this season. Depending on your travel needs, there are policies for deluxe travel health, annual travel, trip cancellation, tour package, travel accident and student travel plans.

For people who will be renting a vehicle during their trip, we offer a rental car policy through Manitoba Public Insurance. It is an excellent policy that includes a $100 deductible for all perils and $5,000,000 third party liability. It is also much less expensive than insurance options that rental car companies generally offer!

If you have any further questions or would like more information on these or any other products, please stop in or call our office at 944-0249 and we will be happy to assist you.

Leaving Manitoba?

Before you Move...

Please check the vehicle registration and insurance rules in the province, territory or state where you are moving. You may need to register and insure your vehicle shortly after you arrive, sometimes even a few weeks or less. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you are correctly insured. You can find the contact information for each province here, or from the website of the province, territory or state you are moving to.

While still in force your Autopac includes all perils, third party liability and Personal Injury Protection Plan coverage. Your Autopac coverage ends when:

  • The place you have moved to requires you to register your vehicle
  • You register your vehicle in your new location
  • Your Autopac expires or you are suspended for not making payment on time
  • You cancel your insurance.

Once you leave Manitoba your personal Injury Protection Plan coverage only applies if you are injured while driving or riding your Manitoba plated vehicle.

Your new insurer may require written record of your claims history in Manitoba. Manitoba Public Insurance will provide you with a Claims Experience Letter for a $15 fee. In Winnipeg call 985-7000; outside Winnipeg call toll free 1-800-665-2410. MPI will accept Visa or Mastercard for requests over the phone and the Claims Experience Letter will be mailed to you once payment is received.

After registering your vehicle in your new location, send a photocopy of your new vehicle registration to: Manitoba Public Insurance, Box 6300 Winnipeg, MB, R3C 4A4. Please include a letter with your return address and your signature authorizing MPI to cancel your insurance. You can also fax this information to (204)985-7840. Unless you cancel your insurance you will not receive a refund for unused premium and you may continue to make payments, even though MPI may not respond to any claims you may have.

If you have any questions, please call us at 944-0249 or MPI at 985-7000.